Obat Tradisional Syaraf Kejepit

The pinched nerve is a situation that indicates where the nerves are compressed by the surrounding parts. Examples of nerves caught in the spine, then the cause of the karna because the parts available around the spine choke nerve so that the nerve becomes pinched. And consequently the nerve sends a sign of pain or pain in the depressed part.

It must be a pain in the natural cause the patient began to be uncomfortable and difficult to perform daily activities - a day. In addition, do not underestimate nerve disease terset. Because later nerve damage can be bigger.

Also available bebrapa situations that could cause the network squeeze the nerve and then pinched, such as:

  1. Rheumatism or arthritis
  2. Stress over and over again from work
  3. Vulnerable sports activities (injured)
  4. Excess weight to be able to squeeze the nerve
  5. Improper posture can increase the pressure on the nerves and the backslider

Symptom of Pinched nerve

  1. Tingling
  2. Pain-like taste in the needle
  3. Often the feet and hands do not feel anything
  4. The presence of pain and burning pain that spread out
  5. Weak muscles in the affected part of the nerve are pinched
  6. Numbness, decreased motor sensation or numbness on the part of many nerves such as on the lower back.

If you experience the above signs, then you may have a pinched nerve and to make sure it is able to directly check to the doctor. And for the treatment can use the plants around that can be made in obat tradisional syaraf kejepit like pandan leaves, lemongrass and avocado leaf.

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